Thank You For Coming to Learn About the White GSD
This site is intended to educate the public that German Shepherds with a white coat are German Shepherds, just like black and tan, sable, and black German Shepherds. They are not inferior GSDs, poorly-bred GSDs, unhealthy GSDs or some other breed. Of course you can find inferior, poorly-bred and unhealthy GSDs of all colors but not because of the color white.

You may be here because you don't know much and want to learn. There are some great resource to get you started - look under White GSDs and Learn More.

If you're here because you are a GSD fancier but you either don't know much about whites or you think there is something wrong with them, in addition to the above suggestions, take a look at White Factored GSDs. This will help you see how they fit into the breed as a whole.

If you are a white GSD breeder and involved in the fancy or just interested in bloodlines, you'll find great information under Pedigrees.

If we're able to influence your view of the white GSD and you want to help us out (or if we're not and you just want to talk more) we hope you'll Get Involved.

We invite anyone to email us for additional information.

Thank you for your time and your open mindedness for coming to visit the site!