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There are many myths about white GSDs and they have been misunderstood for many years. Whatever conclusion you draw as to their value and place in the breed fancy, it should be done so from an educated place. This page will give you many resources to provide that education.

Historical Information

American Kennel Club Champion white German Shepherds
White is currently a disqualification preventing quality white dogs from earning conformation titles in AKC. However, that wasn't always the case. Learn about a couple early white champions.

White German Shepherd Police Dog - 1939
See a video of a white GSD police dog from 1939.

Articles for Thought
Breeding To The Standard
A look at what it means to breed to a breed standard and how breed standards evolve over time. This article addresses the comment "There's nothing wrong with white GSDs but you should never breed them because the standard says not to."

Disqualify That Color of Dog
This article discusses the legitimate reasons why a particular color may be prohibited in a breed and examines how the white GSD compares.