Pedigrees - E

The following dogs are in the section of the gallery:
UKC Ch. Eclipse Bittersweet Hot As Hades, CGC
UKC Ch. Eclipse Bittersweet Look B4 U Leap
BIMBS UKC Grand Ch. Eclipse Bittersweet Tribute to Solitude
Eclipse Chicago's Roxie Hart
URO3 UAGI USJCH UKC 4x BIMBS 2x RBIMBS GRCH Eclipse DedicationtoExcellence, CGCUKC Ch. Eclipse Diamond 'N Dakota, GBF, CGC
Eclipse G'Men Starturengines, SDCH, CGC, TDI
Eclipse Herculis Fury
Eclipse In Case of Emergency, TCEclipse Minnesota Ice-Boy
Eclipse On Over Bahr-S Alki
UKC Ch. Eclipse One In A Million, CGC, VCC
Eclipse Return to SenderEclipse Spirit in the Sky
WGSDCA Ch. Eclipse V Juel's Rizing Star
BIF Eclipse Vanilla Mousse
Eclipse Winter White Shadow, CGC, GSDCA 13 Club MemberUKC Ch. / ARBA Junior Ch. / KC USA Ch. / UCI Int'l Ehren Ch. Eclipse's Argent Sun, CGC, TT
WGSDCA BOF, Grand Victor and 2x Select Ch. / UKC Ch. Eclipse's Big Money
URO1 UKC Ch./WGSDCII Select/ IABCA Intl Ch. Select Eclipse's Bittersweet Destiny, VCC, CGC
UKC 3x BIMBS/2x RBIMBS Grand CH Eclipse's Bittersweet Legacy, CGC
UKC Grand Ch. Eclipse's Bittersweet Misbehavin, CGC
WGSDCA BIM Select Ch. /UKC Grand Ch. Eclipse's BittersweetAttitude, CGC
URO1 UJJ UKC Grand Ch. Eclipse's BittersweetExcellence, CGC
Eclipse's BittersweetProdigy, CGCAKC Ch. / Can Ch. / UKC 2x BIMBS /2x RBIMBS GRCH / IABCA International Jugend Ch. Eclipse's Bittersweet Solitude, TC, MSDCH, WROM
Eclipse's Cerulean SyrusMACH Eclipse's Chantilly Lace, MXB, MJB, OF, T2B
CS-ATE C-ATCH CT-ATCH3 CS-ATCH4 UACH URO1 UKC Grand Ch. / WGSDCII Select Ch. / WGSDCA Select Eclipse's Decadent Obsession, CTL1, CTL2, CTL3, CTL4, CL3, CL4, ChFH, ChJU, ChSN, ChJP, ChCL, TChFH, TChSN, TChJP, TChJU, TChCL, TChWC, TChST, SpChCL, SpChWC, SpChJP, SpChSN, SpChFH, SpChJU, TN-O, OJC, NAC, TG-N, NCC, JS-N, JS-O, JV-E, RS-N, GV-N, GV-O, ACT2, RN, RL1, NTD, OV, TT, TC, CGC, TDI, SPOT-ON
UKC Ch. Eclipse's DeVine Attitude
UAGI URO2 UKC Grand Ch. / IABCA Int'l Ch. / WGSDCI Grand Victrix and Select Eclipse's Drive For Excellence, RL1, RI, BN, NTD, TKN, RATI, SIN, CGCA, TT, TC, SPOT
Eclipse's In The Beginning
Eclipse's Jaegar on the RocksWGSDCA BOM and GVX and Select Ch./ UKC Ch. Eclipse's Jewel of the Nile
UKC CH / WGSDCA BOM Eclipse's JoKay Miakoda Moon, CGCA, CD, HIT
UKC Ch. Eclipse's Last Laugh
Eclipse's Law Of Heavenley MotionWGSDCA BIM and GV and Select Ch. / UKC Grand GSD Ch. / ARBA / IABCA Multi. Ch. Eclipse's Lets Do The Timewarp, CGC
Eclipse's Mini PhenomenonWGSDCA / UKC Ch. Eclipse's My Audi TT
WGSDCA BOM and 2x Select Ch. /UKC BIMBS Grand GSD Ch. Eclipse's Nikko Suave, CGC
Eclipse's Ocean Pearl
Eclipse's Rising Star DakotaURO1 UKC BIMBS Grand Ch. Eclipse's She Talks to Angels, RN, CGC
UKC Grand Ch./IABCA Int'l Ch. Eclipse's Sheriff of Hazzard County, CGC
WGSDCII / WGSDCA Select / UKC Ch. Eclipse's Star of the North
Eclipse's Steadfast WezenWGSDCA BIF/BIM Grand Victor 6x Select Ch. / WGSDCII 2x Grand Victor and 7x Select Ch. / ARBA BIS Master Ch. / FO URO1 UKC 16x BIMBS 7x RBIMBS Grand Ch. / IABCA Multi. Ch. Eclipse's Strength of Atlas RN, RL1, RL1X, ASCA RN, TN-N, CSL1-HS, WAX, WVDX, WROM, OV, TC, TT, CGCA, TDI, GSDCA 13 Club Member
WGSDCA BIF / UKC Ch. Eclipse's The Way Out, CGCEclipse's Titan Galaxy
WGSDCA Select Ch. and UKC Ch. Eclipse's Up The AnteUKC Ch. Eclipse's Viva Las Vegas
Eclipse's Wasat of PearlTDCH DTCH-Ls ARCHX UACH UROC URX GNJCH UKC Grand Ch. / WGSDCII Grand Victor and 2x Select Grand Ch. / ARBA Junior Ch. / KC USA Junior Ch. / UCI International Ch. Eclipse's What Happens In Vegas, RE, RL1X3, RL2X, RL3, RLV, RNX, CW-Ob1qv, JS-N, CL1, CL2, CL3-S, CSL1, CSL2, CSL3-HFS, IAC, O-TN-I, O-WV-I, TKP, NSD, UADNJ VII, UADMCH, VCCX, FDC, CGCA, TT, TC, SPOT
Eclipse's White Dream, CGCWGSDCA BIM Grand Victrix and 2x Select Ch. / WGSDCII Grand Victrix and 2x Select Ch. / UAGI URO1 High in Trial UKC Grand Ch. / ARBA Junior Ch. / IABCA Int'l Junghund Ch. Eclipse's Wild Card of Atlas, TT, TC, CGC, RN, RL1, CL1, CL2-H, TN-N, NTD, OV, WVDA, WAX, GSDCA 13 Club Member
Eclipse's Winter White Shadow, CGCUKC Ch. Eclipse's With Liberty, RA
Enroute Phoenix V. LeonbergEnroute Two Undine

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