Meet Horand!
This is SZ-1 Horand von Grafrath. Horand was the first registered German Shepherd and was born January 1, 1895 and bought and registered by Captain von Stephanitz, the breed founder. Take a look at Horand's Pedigree. Notice his dam's sire is Greif (Sparwasser) a white dog. Horand was the first German Shepherd but also the first white factored German Shepherd. Horand is the beginning of our journey to understand pedigrees of the white GSD.
Preserving the history of the white GSD and understanding pedigrees is critical for breeders, fanciers, and those interested in learning about these dogs. This is an archive of pedigrees of white German Shepherds and also includes many colored dogs who have been bred to or produced by whites. This is a single breed and we can't present whites without their proper context. Dogs you will find in the index are either white or thought to be white factored but most of the colored dogs in the pedigrees are not known to be white factored.
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