White Factored American Kennel Club Champions
These dogs are white factored (meaning they carry the recessive gene that makes a GSD white) and they are American Kennel Club Champion pointed or have achieved the degree of American Kennel Club Champion. Canadian Kennel Club champions are also shown below.
American Kennel Club Champion / Canadian Kennel Club Champion Eclipse's Bittersweet Solitude, TC, OFA H/E - Soli earned her championship in both the American Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Club.
American Kennel Club Champion Pointed Eclipse's Bittersweet Legacy, CGC - Lil' Tater has points towards her championship.
American Kennel Club Champion Pointed Juel's Major Blessing, TC, RN, CGC, TDI, OFA CHIC - Major has points towards his championship.
Canadian Kennel Club Champion Hylowe's Once in a Lyfetyme - earned his championship in the Canadian Kennel Club.